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Working out all the fun details now,  if interested in being part of the Ms. Tattoo City Experience please fill out this form and we will be in touch.

**Ms Tattoo City Experience - Event Schedule**

   **Online:** Open now until April 1, 2024.
   **In Person:** 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM - Contestants can register in person at the venue.

**Ms Tattoo City Experience Introduction:**

  **Friday, April 26, 2024**
   **Time:** 6:30 PM on Main Stage.
   **Attire:** Casual Wear.
   **Description:** All Ms Tattoo City contestants will be introduced on the main stage. Each contestant will have a moment to share a brief introduction and answer one question from the hosts. Following the introductions, group photos will be taken to capture this special moment.

**Saturday, April 27, 2024**

**Ms Tattoo City Beach Wear - Semi Finals:**
    **Time:** 8:15 PM on Main Stage.
    **Attire:** Beachwear.
    **Description:** This segment will be a semi-final round where Ms Tattoo City contestants will showcase their beachwear outfits that highlight their tattoos. Judges will evaluate based on confidence, style, fun and tattoo presentation.

**Sunday, April 28, 2024**

 **Ms Tattoo City Finals:**
    **Time:** 4:00 PM on Main Stage.
    **Attire:** Dress to Impress.
    **Description:** The final round of Ms Tattoo City Experience! Contestants will make their last introduction on the main stage and answer one final question. The crowning of the winner will immediately follow the Q&A segment.  Judges will be looking for Tattoos, Personality & Crowd Response.

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