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Tattoo City's Kids Zone

activities in Kid's Zone at the tattoo convention, 


1. Face Painting: face painting artist can create colorful designs on children's faces. Kids can choose from various designs like butterflies, superheroes, animals, or their favorite cartoon characters.


2. Arts and Crafts Station: a craft area where kids can engage in various art activities. We encourage  them to create their own artwork. 


3. Temporary Tattoos: temporary tattoos/stickers of tattoo designs for kids to apply to their skin or personal belongings. This gives them a temporary tattoo experience without any permanent commitment.


4. Kids Temporary Tattoo Contest: Kids can compete in a temporary tattoo or sharpie tattoo contest 


5. Interactive Games: tattoo-themed scavenger hunts 


6. Coloring Contests: coloring contests where kids can showcase their artistic skills. We provide coloring sheets or tattoo-themed templates, and offer small prizes for the most creative or colorful entries.

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