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Ernie Bustamante

Inked Photography does not discriminate about the models and photos I accept. I will do a shoot with all models of all shapes, sizes, and color. Professional, alternative models and aspiring models are always welcome. This includes gothic, pin-up, fetish, punk, tattooed/pierced, etc. My goal as a photographer has always been to capture the art of tattoos and the female & male body. Add to the beauty of the female body the artwork of tattoos and you have a true masterpiece. More and more women are getting tattoos these days, ranging from the gothic to the house mom. I want images to range from focusing on the artwork to the personality of the women and men, from showcasing the woman in her barest form to the highest fashion while always emphasizing the beauty of the female form. In 2009 my photography took a huge turn for the better. It marked the first year of publication for Inked Photography. I also started traveling and shooting tattoo conventions in the US and Central America. Costa Rica, Bolivia, Panama City, and Mexico.

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My Story

Currently I am a freelance photographer for:

Skin Art

Tattoo Revue

Tattoos for Men

Tattoos for Women

Metal Head

Villain Arts Magazine



Bad Kat Magazine, Urban Ink Magazine, Rebel Ink Magazine, Pretty in Ink Magazine, Pain Magazine, Tattoo Magazine, Tattoo Flash, Tattoo Savage, Freshly Inked Magazine, Skinz Magazine, Coast 2 Coast Magazine, The Cat's Meow, Tattoo Metalhead, Tabu, Carnival of Ink, Tattoo Revue, Skin Art, Tattoos for Men, Tattoos for Women. Published across the U.S., in Central Amercia and the UK.


Previous Official Photographer for:

The Texas Showdown Festival

Tattoo the Earth

The Ink Life Tour

Carnival of Ink


Companies I have shot for:

InkAddict Clothing Line, Sullen Art Collective, Borg Tattoo Machines, Tattoo Doctor Aftercare, Zombiehearts Little Shop of Horrors, Steadfast Brand Clothing, Redemption Tattoo Aftercare, Waterloo Tattoo Storage Units.



Framing Hanley, Devil Doll, Days of the New, Hawthorne Heights, Static X, Candlebox, LBC (Sublime), Mushroomhead, Drowning Pool, Exodus, Head P.E., Everlast, Adam Gontier (Formerly of Three Days Grace). The Bronx, Glass Jaw, New Found Glory, Buckcherry, Virgin Mary's, Pop Evil, Lita Ford, The Deftone's, Wu-Tang Clan, Ice Cube, Limp Bizkit, Yelawolf, The Offspring, Marilyn Manson, Hollywood Vampires, Slipknot, Otep, In this Moment, Sick Puppies, Hollywood Undead, Alice in Chains, Breaking Benjamin, Five Finger Death Punch, Bullet for my Valentine, House of Pain, and more......

Tattoo Magazine

       Tattoo City

Tattoo Convention coverage in  

Tattoo Revue Magazine Issue #193

Tattoo Revue Issue #193 has a little something for every tattoo artist & collector! THIS ISSUE WILL SELL OUT – Order yours NOW!

Some of my Favorite Covers

Ernie cover 6
Ernie cover 5
Ernie cover 2
Ernie cover 1
Ernie cover 4
Ernie cover 3

Contact Ernie Bustamante

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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