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Due to the nature of tattoo conventions all times/dates are subject to change last minute at the promoter's discretion 

Tattoo City Convention 

Flint, Michigan August 9-11, 2024

Lansing, Michigan April 2025


Show hours 

Friday       2pm - 11pm 

Saturday  11am - 11pm 

Sunday    11am - 8pm

Friday Event Schedule

2:00 PM Show Open

2:00 PM Seminar (Intro to tattooing)

3:00 PM Apprentice Showdown starts

4:00 PM Tattoo Contest Registration opens
5:00 PM Stage Event 
5:30 PM Apprentice Showdown
6:30 PM Ms Tattoo City Introduction
7:30 PM Stage Event
8:00 PM Stage Event
9:00 PM Stage Event
10:00 PM Tattoo of the Day
11:00 PM Show Close

Saturday Event Schedule

11:00 AM Show Open

12:00 PM Tattoo Contest Registration opens
1:30 PM Apprentice Showdown
2:30 PM Stage Event
3:30 PM Beard and Mustache Contest

4:00 PM PinUp Contest
4:30 PM Mr. Tattoo City Mankini
5:00 PM Saturday Daytime Tattoo Contests start
7:00 PM Stage Event
7:30 PM Stage Event
8:00 Best Booth award and apprectation

8:15 PM Ms Tattoo City Semi-finals
9:00 PM Stage Event
10:00 PM Tattoo of the Day
11:00 PM Show Close

Sunday Event Schedule

11:00 AM Show Open

12:00 PM Tattoo Contest Registration opens
1:00 PM Apprentice showdown 
2:30 PM Stage Event
3:30 PM Apprentice showdown finals

4:00 PM Ms Tattoo City Finals and crowning
5:00 PM Sunday Daytime Tattoo Contests start
7:00 PM Tattoo of the Day and Best of Show
8:00 PM Show Close

Event Schedule at a Glance

2024 & 2025

Tattoo Contest all weekend

The Apprentice Show Down

Ms. Tattoo City Experience

Mr. Tattoo City

Side Shows


Live Painting

Beard & Mustache Contest

Pin Up Contest

"The Kid's Zone"

Kid's Temporary Tattoo Contest


Tattoo City's Kids Zone

activities in Kid's Zone & at the tattoo convention, 


1. Face Painting: face painting artist can create colorful designs on children's faces. Kids can choose from various designs like butterflies, superheroes, animals, or their favorite cartoon characters.


2. Arts and Crafts Station: a craft area where kids can engage in various art activities. We encourage  them to create their own artwork. 


3. Temporary Tattoos: temporary tattoos/stickers of tattoo designs for kids to apply to their skin or personal belongings. This gives them a temporary tattoo experience without any permanent commitment.


4. Kids Temporary Tattoo Contest: Kids can compete in a temporary tattoo or sharpie tattoo contest 


5. Interactive Games: tattoo-themed scavenger hunts 


6. Coloring Contests: coloring contests where kids can showcase their artistic skills. We provide coloring sheets or tattoo-themed templates, and offer small prizes for the most creative or colorful entries.

This is a 3 day event. All apprentices must sign up for the contest no less than 2 weeks before the event. Only apprentices of artists that are Tattoo City booth holders of the event are eligible.

***THIS is NOT A TATTOOING Competition***


These are some of the competitions apprentices will participate in,

more will be added a logistics are figured.
Winner is highest combined score, this a full weekend event.

* Stencil making 101 to the extreme, both
machine and hand
* Networking on a tattoo artist level
* Equipment knowledge lighting round
* Flashiest of Flash
* Can I bum a razor
* Seminar attendance

* Paper towel Challenge

No Apprentice Hazing Allowed

Apprentice Showdown Schedule


3:00 PM Apprentice Showdown intro

5:30 PM Apprentice Trivia


1:30 PM Apprentice Showdown


1:00 PM Apprentice showdown 

3:30 PM Apprentice showdown finals

**Ms Tattoo City Experience - Event Schedule**

   **Online:** $40 includes VIP access
   **In Person:** 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM - Contestants can register in person at the venue.


**Ms Tattoo City Experience Introduction:**
   **Time:** 6:30 PM on Main Stage.
   **Attire:** Casual Wear.
   **Description:** All Ms Tattoo City contestants will be introduced on the main stage. Each contestant will have a moment to share a brief introduction and answer one question from the hosts. Following the introductions, group photos will be taken to capture this special moment.


​**Ms Tattoo City Beach Wear - Semi Finals:**
    **Time:** 8:15 PM on Main Stage.
    **Attire:** Beachwear.
    **Description:** This segment will be a semi-final round where Ms Tattoo City contestants will showcase their beachwear outfits that highlight their tattoos. Judges will evaluate based on confidence, style, fun and tattoo presentation.


​ **Ms Tattoo City Finals:**
    **Time:** 4:00 PM on Main Stage.
    **Attire:** Dress to Impress.
    **Description:** The final round of Ms Tattoo City Experience! Contestants will make their last introduction on the main stage and answer one final question. The crowning of the winner will immediately follow the Q&A segment.  Judges will be looking for Tattoos, Personality & Crowd Response.

Tattoo City Pin UP

August 10th @ 4 PM Main Stage

**Welcome to the Annual Pin Up Contest - Unleash Your Inner Retro Diva!**

Are you a fan of vintage charm and retro allure? Do you dream of strutting your stuff on stage like a classic pin-up model? If so, then our Annual Pin Up Contest is the perfect platform for you to showcase your pin-up prowess! Join us for a day filled with glamour, friendship, and celebration of timeless beauty.

**How to Sign Up:**
Participating in the Pin Up Contest is simple! To secure your spot in the competition, follow these easy steps:

1. **Online Registration:** Visit our official website and navigate to the Pin Up Contest page. Click on the registration link and fill out the form with your details. Online registration is open until April 1st, and it's the easiest way to guarantee your entry.

2. **In-Person Registration:** If you prefer a more personal touch, we also offer in-person registration. Simply visit the venue on the contest day, April 27th, between 1:00 PM and 3:30 PM to complete your registration.


**Contest Rules:**
To ensure a fair and enjoyable contest for all participants, we have established a set of rules:

1. **Age Limit:** Contestants must be at least 18 years old to participate.

2. **Pin Up Attire:** Embrace the classic pin-up style! All outfits must reflect the retro fashion of the 1920s to the 1960s.

3. **Respectful Behavior:** We expect all participants to maintain a friendly and respectful environment throughout the event.

4. **Originality:** Show off your creativity! While traditional pin-up inspiration is encouraged, we welcome unique interpretations and styles.

5. **Time Limit:** Each contestant will have a specified time on stage for their introduction and walk.

**Tips and Tricks:**
Want to enhance your pin-up game? Here are some tips to help you shine like a true vintage star:

1. **Research the Era:** Familiarize yourself with the pin-up fashion, makeup, and hairstyles of the era you wish to embody.

2. **Confidence is Key:** Walk tall, smile brightly, and exude confidence in your presentation.

3. **Accessorize Wisely:** Classic accessories like pearls, gloves, and hats can add a touch of authenticity to your look.

4. **Be Yourself:** While you draw inspiration from the past, let your unique personality shine through your performance.

**Fun and Friendship Building:**


Beyond the glitz and glamour, our Pin Up Contest is also about fostering new friendships and celebrating the shared love for vintage aesthetics. During the event, contestants have the opportunity to interact, support each other, and share in the excitement of the contest. Many participants find long-lasting friendships through their mutual appreciation for pin-up culture.

**Join Us for a Day of Retro Elegance:**
Mark your calendars for April 27th and be part of an unforgettable experience! Our Pin Up Contest promises to be an extraordinary celebration of timeless beauty, style, and camaraderie. So, whether you're a seasoned pin-up enthusiast or trying it for the first time, we welcome you to indulge in a day of vintage fun!

Tattoo City
Beard & Mustache Competition



3:30 PM

Main Stage

Tattoo City Tattoo Convention

Mankini Contest  -  Main Stage 

 Saturday @ 4:30 PM 

Tattoo City Tat Con

Behold, the awe-inspiring and legendary Mankini, a garment that defies convention and embraces boldness! The Mankini is a daring and exuberant piece of attire that exudes confidence, style, and charisma like no other. Its design is both artistic and liberating, combining the essence of a traditional swimsuit with the audacity to bare it all. 

Crafted with care, the Mankini gracefully contours the male form, accentuating the body's finest attributes with a playful and adventurous flair. Its vibrant colors and form-fitting shape evoke a sense of freedom and an unabashed celebration of the human physique. 

As a symbol of self-assuredness, the Mankini transcends societal norms, beckoning its wearer to embrace their individuality and revel in their uniqueness. It challenges conventions, making a bold statement that transcends boundaries and invites laughter, admiration, and awe.

The Mankini has become an iconic fashion statement, an emblem of those who dare to defy convention and revel in their authenticity. It is a garment that celebrates life, joy, and the pursuit of uninhibited expression.

In the realm of style, the Mankini reigns supreme, embodying the spirit of adventure and daring. It is a glorious manifestation of confidence, creativity, and a fearless zest for life. As it graces the wearer's physique, the Mankini radiates a captivating charm, leaving an indelible mark on those who witness its glory.

The Mankini is not merely a garment; it is a symbol of self-expression, freedom, and a proclamation of individuality. A testament to the spirit of adventure, it encourages its wearers to embrace the unconventional and seize every moment with unapologetic joy.

Whether you witness it on the beach, at a party, or amid the festivities of Tattoo City Tat Con, the Mankini is a captivating sight to behold—a glorious testament to the vibrant, unapologetic spirit that resides within us all.

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